My name is Marco Sors, during the day I am a frontend developer and during the night a wannabe collage artist

In this site I've mixed these two passions, animating through the web technologies some collages I've made.
The name 'Pixages' is generated by the union of Pixel and Collages

Recurring themes of my works are the paradoxical rewriting of historical events, the combination of distant spatio-temporal elements, the critical analysis of social behaviors, the presence of characters trapped in the impossibility of fulfilling an activity. These elements generate a cognitive dissonance in the observer, who initially finds himself displaced and immediately after formulates his interpretation of "what expresses" that small rectangle of surreality

There are no right or wrong collages' interpretation, what's important is that everyone is pushed to reflection for finding his own gateway

If you want to order a print or organize a physical Pixages exhibitions, drop me a line on

If you want to hire me as creative frontend developer, reach out my Linkedin profile

If you want to hear the music I listened during the making of this site, go to Pixages playlist

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